Na ulici - In the street

My Third Slovak Lesson :)

Prepacte, hovorite po anglicky? - Excuse me, do you speak English?
Prosim? - I beg your pardon.
Je tu niekde telefonna budka? - Is there a phone booth nearby?
Rozumiete? - Do you understand?
Kde je ...? - Where is....?
Kde je toaleta? - Where is the toilet?
Nerozumiem po slovensky. - I do not understand Slovak.
Mohli by ste mi/nam pomoct? - Could you help me/us?
Kolko je hodin? - What is the time?
Nerozumiem. - I do not understand
Co znamena...? - What does ... mean?
Ake cislo ma policia/sanitka/poziarnici? What is the phone number for the police/ambulance/fire station? (correct answer is 158/155/150 or 112 for integrated emergy services)
Kolko stoji listok na MHD? - How much is a ticket for public transport?
Kolko to stoji? - How much is it?
Ako daleko je to od ....? - How far is it from....?
Kde mame vystupit? - Can you tell us where to get off?
Kde je turisticke informacne centrum? - Where is a tourist information office?

Pozdravy a bezna rec - Greetings and general talk

My Second Slovak Lesson :)

Ano - Yes
Nie - No
Dakujem - Thank you
Vitajte - Welcome
Ahoj, cau - Hello, Hi
Dovidenia - Good bye
Dobre rano - Good morning
Dobry den - Good afternoon
Dobry vecer - Good evening
Dobru noc - Good night
Prepacte - Sorry
Prosim - Please / You are welcome
Niet za co - Not at all
Ako sa volate? - What is your name?
Potrebujem pomoc - I need help
Vsetko najlepsie k narodeninam - Happy Birthday!
Vsetko najlepsie k meninam - Happy Nameday!
Stastneho valentina - Happy Valentine's Day!
Vesele vianoce a stastny novy rok - Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!