Thinking about complex questions is something, thinking in terms of complexity is another thing. I was questioning myself when and if there is a need for addressing complexity to what we call meaning. What is meaning and what does it understand and relate to? I try to find a way I can express meaning into my life but in general as a purpose of existence withing this unlimited universe. Is meaning purpose? And I am not interested in definitions. I can pick up a dictionary and find an answer to this question but that will represent only one opinion addressed by somebody with a complex mind of defining words. But words are just words. In different languages they have no meaning, if we do not understand or know their translation.

What does purpose mean in terms of meaning and what does meaning has to do with purpose. When I think about purpose, the only think it comes into my mind is usability. Think about a cup. Why do we need a cup and what is its usability. I am sure you are rich in ideas and explanation when thinking or just imagining a cup.

Think now about you. I think about me and try to reach the purpose of usability in terms of my existence and I end up getting too confused. Everybody is talking about success and failure, I talk about this things, too. But I conclude by thinking that purpose has nothing to do with success of failure. Purpose is something undefinable or maybe I did not found mine so I can define it.

I am still searching , searching and searching...but no answer.

We never end up asking ourselves this questions so often, are we? We live as if we have to know all the question related to materialism and knowledgeable things but we very seldom ask ourselves what we know about our own purpose. We know who did what, we know what means what, we know when, who, whom, what, whose, how ... but we do not know the basics of meaning, of purpose. Does my life has meaning? Is my life full of purpose? Do I relate my experience to the purpose? Do I connect my actions to the meaning?

And now you will ask ... but why? I ask myself this question. But why? But why do I have to know the meaning? But why is purpose important? I have though no answer. That is what I am searching for. Is purpose meaningful? is meaning having a purpose?

I hope so ...
there is being a wish for all of us, a wish to come true.
there is being a BE for all of us, a BE to live it.
not what you´ve been, not what you will be or what you wish to be but the NOW BE!
if there is something to be grateful for is being grateful for being.
if there is something to be happy for is being happy for just being.
if there is something to feel joy about is feeling joy for being.
if there should be something more grateful than being than let it be.
if there is something to make you feel alive, allow yourself to be whoever you want to be, whatever you dream to be ... just being .... just being does not hurt