Yap, its official … I hate Facebook!

It strikes me like a needle in my skin any time I see people getting lost in front of their Facebook page, looking like zombies. It gives me that image of hypnotized people, people hypnotized into something they think its utmost important and necessary – socialization.  

I think Facebook´s meaning lost that limit of only being social, communicative, kept in touch with good lost friends who would never say ´hi´ if luckily met them on the street. Now Facebook reached the level of supremacy where it succeeded to keep people trapped in their own mind, in their own cage.

For me, a non Facebook user, while surrounded by people addicted to Facebook, seems sometimes like having the power stopping the time and getting the chance watching them get lost into that fantasy world. They do not even realize you´re watching them because they lose track of reality, they don´t even know when the time passed by … the only thing it wakes them up, it’s A ´tragedy´.

What ´tragedy´ may mean here? Either they get dehydrated and wake up to reach for a glass of water - water being the best case scenario if not getting ´drunk´ with the most ´precious´ and expensive killing drink like Coke or any other kind of today´s Soda or the other ´tragedy´ meaning they starve and look for anything they can reach ASAP – no matter what that is. Unfortunately there is no other meaning of ´tragedy´ in here, for me.  

And getting back to `Zombie` term, Wikipedia gives this following definition: Zombie (Haitian CreolezonbiNorth Mbundunzumbe) is a term used to denote an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means such as witchcraft; often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotized person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli (in my described case: dehydration or starvation) … Yep, not that far away from this definition, or?

Facebook addiction calls for a ´AA´ session!

Sometimes I get bored watching them; sometimes it makes me angry, and sometimes jealous.

I finally know what real jealousy means. There is no difference in seeing good friends getting ´trapped´ in other people’s heads and souls or getting ´trapped´ in front of their Facebook page. 

They stop having ´real´ time for you or for anything non Social Media related. They forget what really matters, especially for you as a person; they could send you a ´poke´ but not a ´real´ flower, they could send you a game invite but not an invite outside in ´real´ life.

They stop remembering small details followed by more important things, until they stop remembering you. They forget who you are in reality, what your needs are in reality, what your wishes and desires are.

They will soon remember only that they forget to update their Facebook page.

And if that´s no tragedy ... I don´t think the classics knew what really tragedy means when talking about or defining "the Tragedy" in their already almost forgotten creations!


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Nicolas said...

Completely agree,

To me, Facebook interactions are often given too much importance (just like tv) and most of it brings nothing constructive to our life.

I like to keep it to a strict minimum.