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"The world can change in an instant. So can the way you choose to see it. Why not choose to see the good in yourself and others." Bob Perks

We can choose how to see ourselves or others, this is completely true. See the world and people as being good and nice, peaceful and happy and you will find out that you are right regarding your vision about life. It is not a pure luck if you find good people in your life or a misfortune if you only encounter those bad ones. It’s up to you ... what do you choose to look for?

You find happiness because you are looking for it.

You find violence because you constantly choose to look for it.

Since I become aware of this fact, I decided what to look for in my life. I always choose, and in 90% of the time I receive what I am looking for. In the 10% it just came into my life and in that instant I decide if I want to give attention to it or I just refuse to give attention to what I don´t want to see, hear or experience. It´s what you choose that makes the difference, not what it comes.

I constantly refuse to watch bad news, I refuse to read negative things that happen in the world, and the best is that I always try my best in giving attention to only those things that matters to me.

People around me find me complicated and not understandable but I can understand why, if I look at their life and the results they attract in their own life.

It is no wonder that there are such horrible things happening in the world. We give attention to it and therefore we receive more of it.

We complain about the constantly bad news we see on TV, about the stupidity that is being shown on each new TV show, but we refuse to understand that we will always receive more from that thing that we are looking for. Start searching for the good news and you will receive it. Look for the good things that happen in this world, search for those people who know how to make a positive difference in this world and you will find them.

Have you ever wonder how many people have done something admirable today? Have you ever wonder how many people may have a successful story to share with you that may inspire you in the same time? Have you ever wonder how many people in this world helped somebody; did something good for somebody – just in this second? If not, is because you only choose to hear about the bad things that happen. If yes, than congratulation! I may ask you to read forward because you have something to share with us :)

Turn on the TV and you will see it, open you computer and see the first page of your bookmarked newspaper, and so on. What kind of movie have you seen lately, what kind of book have you read or what kind of story have you told to somebody lately? Is the kind of news that may inspire you or others, or maybe the one that can be projected as experience into your life? If not, choose again!

Good things, bad things, good people, bad people, good experiences, bad experiences; all this are connected. Try to search and give attention to what you want to see reflected in your experience, in your life, and you will receive more of it.

Have you done something good lately? Share your experience with us, and let others get inspired from your nice story. Write a comment about something that can inspire the readers of this blog. Let´s see how many good stories can be heard and shared. Let’s inspire others. Doesn´t matter in what language you will write, your story will inspire today somebody. I will post your story on my blog, together with your name (if you want) and a link to some other good news you want to share.

My story for today was to write this article, that I really hope, it will inspire at least one person that read it. And to get courage into writing 2 rows for us, watch this movie: Make a Difference. Good luck!!!!

I look forward for your story.

With love, Ella