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Life Lessons: Step-by-Step eBook is a place where you can find creative written eBook on Career and Personal Development. The Step-by-Step process/plan is a very useful, creative and easy way of using it whenever you need inspiration for you ways of acting in certain situations. It´s easy, it´s consistent and fun! The best way to improve yourself!

The first Step-by-Step eBook I write for you will be soon available on my web site! If you want to be updated on the new Step-by-Step eBooks, I recommend you subscribe to the web site or post comments on what kind of eBook you would like to have on Personal and Career Development or write an e-mail for more information at

My First Step-by-Step eBook To get a JOB! - soon available!

This eBook is a Two-Week Step-by-Step Process of a Job Application Plan

Why is this eBook good for me?

This eBook helps you:
- To understand what you want
- To understand why you need what you want
- To understand how to get what you want
- To prioritize your options
- To build self confidence and self esteem
- To start acting toward achieving your goal
- To keep track of your actions
- To keep track of your results
- To see your plan becoming reality

This Step-by-Step eBook is not just a theory or just explanatory book from which you can learn what the Job Application Process means, but it is an organizer, a check list notebook that is meant to support your process, your action plans so you can see results day by day and build confidence on your way of acting toward achieving your goal. You will have access to daily to do lists, daily achievement plan, record tracking lists and step-by-step action plan.

This eBook is for you, if you are looking for a:
- Casual / Contingent job
- Full-time job
- Part-time job
- Self-employed / Independent contractor
- Temporary job
- Seasonal job or any other kind of job

The Step-by-Step eBook is providing a full list with top job application websites, top recruiting companies and gives you some examples of how a Working Portfolio looks like, Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letters and Recommendation Letters.

Soon Available for you to use!