You want to Believe in Yourself? This can be a huge factor for Accomplishing your Dreams, your Goals in life!

What does it take to believe in you?

I may agree to start first advising you to develop a positive attitude, optimism and confidence, being able to realize how amazing you are as a human being. Of course, I would not say that this is really easy.

Giving an example on myself, I always find a lot of things that hinder me, that hold me back and most of them run me slowly but sure, down. And I mean this when talking about the things you find impossible to have in order to be able to achieve your dream. May I dare to mention something about money? Yes, I believe you also agree with me. BUT! I also truly believe, that if you really want to achieve, accomplish something in life, a dream, it is possible and money represent nothing. When your WILL is primary, nothing else is important.

No matter what the steps are to get your dreams accomplished, I wrote some tips for develop a believe in yourself that help you accomplish your dreams and I really hope it will help you:

  • Think about all the great things you know about yourself. This will help you believe you're amazing and increase your confidence in yourself. Don't be humble when you're thinking about this. Truly … think of all the things about you that are wonderful. Are you smart, witty, sweet, fun to be around, good to your friends...or more? What qualities you see on yourself, qualities that strike others and motivate them? Most people are complimented on something good about their personalities. Think about the nice things people have said about you and allow yourself to write them down. Believing in yourself comes from feeling good about who you are. When you like yourself, you are more likely to believe in yourself and motivated to accomplish your dreams. If you believe in yourself, people around you offer more respect. And if you feel respected, the confidence that you can achieve things, increases.

  • Now think about the dreams you want to accomplish. What do you truly want to do? What really motivates you to achieve? Maybe a new job you have in mind, a new home you want to buy, or new people you want to meet and places you want to visit? Write down all the things you would like to do in your life and take them under your primary focus. Make a list of what steps need to be taken in order to accomplish these dreams. Once you write the steps to your dreams down, you will find that they are actually attainable. Believe in yourself and know that you have the skills and ambition to be able to accomplish these dreams. Know that any dream you want to accomplish is never out of reach.

  • It is much easier if you put yourself in the right mind set to accomplish your dreams. Believe that you are good enough, smart enough, outgoing enough to accomplish your goals. Changing your attitude from negative to positive isn't always easy and is going to take some work, but it can be done. The first most important thing, for getting anything done, is the requirement of changing your attitude. Never say 'I can't'. Instead, always say 'I will', 'I am', 'I can'. If you must, trick your mind into believing in optimistic ways. The more you tell yourself you can do something and that you are amazing, the more you will start to believe it. There is honestly something good and wonderful in everybody, and you are no different. Start today believing in yourself and changing your mind set to understand and know your greatness.

  • Find and attract people around you, people that believe and trust you. Being surrounded by others that adore you and know you are a great person, will strengthen you confidence and you will always be able to be lifted up, when something negative ´touches´ you. Listen to those people like friends, family, and maybe your partner who love you and see amazing things in you. Is nothing bad to ask them their opinion about you, what they truly think of you? There should always be a reason for these people to stay in your life and often it's because you are someone they want to be around, because you a great person. If this is the case, why not believe it? People who appreciate and love you, can be the one who motivate you to accomplish your dreams by encouraging in your decisions. Ask them to help; only if they are the one with whom you feel comfortable about this.
I believe everything you want to achieve in life, need the confidence and the will to do so. Anything comes just because you write it down. Believing you deserve it, and trusting your instincts that it could be a good thing for you, is unbelievable helpful in increasing your confidence.

You may find difficult to deal with people, to deal with so called ´reality´ but remember that reality is what you create as being. Sometimes I myself struggle into believing all this stuff. But I mostly realize that nothing I really want to achieve is unachievable. And because I dare to choose, I choose mostly the best I believe is good for me.

Dare to choose :)