Life Lesson...'Mandela' Strategy


every Monday morning I get an e-mail with updates from RealAcad with short "Lessons"  that I find extremely inspiring. That is why I want to start sharing these lessons with you, the readers of this Blog. I hope it inspires you and help you take positive actions in your life.

1. 'Mandela' strategy: Remember the story of Nelson Mandela requesting a new table in his prison cell?
In prison, Mandela used his lawyer background to provide consultations to his visitors. Outside his prison cell, Colonel Aucamp would pace up and down in rage. Once, Mandela went up to Aucamp and said politely, 'You know these people send me so much work... and the table that I have in my cell is shaky. Could I please have another table?'

The response of Aucamp was bombastic: 'Mandela, you are no longer a lawyer in your office to give orders. You are a prisoner. And we will do what we have to. You can't order us about.'
Nelson looked at him and said, 'Have you finished, Colonel?' He said, 'Yes.'
Nelson returned to his old desk, sat down and continued with the consultation as if nothing had happened.
Later, he came back from his lunch break, and with a little smile that said, 'Guess what, there's a brand new table in my cell.'

This week, let's remember that we too can persuade effectively with our good behavior.

    2.  Real learning starts after we learn to laugh at ourselves:
    In the beginning, the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry, and is generally considered to have been a bad move. - Douglas Adams   :)

    I find this lesson inspiring because I believe, the way I sometimes deal with things or people is exactly the reverse...which in most of the time, would either make people react worse then expected or turn the situation up side down. Wrapped up in our daily frustrations and worries, we sometimes forget to care. This fact does not help any side of any kind of relationship but as I personally experience, it gets worse. I have to admit that learning from this lesson or at least trying to implement this lesson in my life, may be really helpful.

    I have to remember that demanding helps not winning but loosing.

    All best,

    Yap, its official … I hate Facebook!

    It strikes me like a needle in my skin any time I see people getting lost in front of their Facebook page, looking like zombies. It gives me that image of hypnotized people, people hypnotized into something they think its utmost important and necessary – socialization.  

    I think Facebook´s meaning lost that limit of only being social, communicative, kept in touch with good lost friends who would never say ´hi´ if luckily met them on the street. Now Facebook reached the level of supremacy where it succeeded to keep people trapped in their own mind, in their own cage.

    For me, a non Facebook user, while surrounded by people addicted to Facebook, seems sometimes like having the power stopping the time and getting the chance watching them get lost into that fantasy world. They do not even realize you´re watching them because they lose track of reality, they don´t even know when the time passed by … the only thing it wakes them up, it’s A ´tragedy´.

    What ´tragedy´ may mean here? Either they get dehydrated and wake up to reach for a glass of water - water being the best case scenario if not getting ´drunk´ with the most ´precious´ and expensive killing drink like Coke or any other kind of today´s Soda or the other ´tragedy´ meaning they starve and look for anything they can reach ASAP – no matter what that is. Unfortunately there is no other meaning of ´tragedy´ in here, for me.  

    And getting back to `Zombie` term, Wikipedia gives this following definition: Zombie (Haitian CreolezonbiNorth Mbundunzumbe) is a term used to denote an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means such as witchcraft; often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotized person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli (in my described case: dehydration or starvation) … Yep, not that far away from this definition, or?

    Facebook addiction calls for a ´AA´ session!

    Sometimes I get bored watching them; sometimes it makes me angry, and sometimes jealous.

    I finally know what real jealousy means. There is no difference in seeing good friends getting ´trapped´ in other people’s heads and souls or getting ´trapped´ in front of their Facebook page. 

    They stop having ´real´ time for you or for anything non Social Media related. They forget what really matters, especially for you as a person; they could send you a ´poke´ but not a ´real´ flower, they could send you a game invite but not an invite outside in ´real´ life.

    They stop remembering small details followed by more important things, until they stop remembering you. They forget who you are in reality, what your needs are in reality, what your wishes and desires are.

    They will soon remember only that they forget to update their Facebook page.

    And if that´s no tragedy ... I don´t think the classics knew what really tragedy means when talking about or defining "the Tragedy" in their already almost forgotten creations!


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    Meeting the right people, in the right place, at the right time ... learn from them new things, adapt and move one

    Learning does not always mean learning from books or being educated by an institution or person; learning is also a way of adapting to constant new life experiences, taking lessons out of every experience, learning from others, learning from people´s successes or failures, learning from your own successes or failures.

    Most of the time for me, the best lessons are those taken from life experiences and from people.

    I learned a lot in schools, I learned a lot in the working environment and from books, but the most valuable lessons are the ones learned from mistakes, from failures, from successes and the ones taken from people around me.

    Having great people around me, choosing the right ones and keeping them close it is not always an easy task but as I always say: “It is possible” With little effort, everything is possible – it´s all about choices.

    Who you are today is defined by the choices you took in the past and if you don´t like who you are today, then make conscious choices for changing something in the future.

    This week I feel like I could talk about a lot of things but when starting to write down, there is nothing.

    I though felt good this week sharing with very good friends, opinions and advices about life and people. I learned that no matter how good I think I am, I´m never good enough to stop learning. I have met friends I wish I could take them with me back home or sometimes I wish I could bring home in here. I thought I learned that I want to be in only one place and I thought I know where that place is, but it all changed when I less expected.

    I always want something new but having something new does not always mean really having it. It´s weird how all this happen; sometimes is even difficult to stop feeling weird bout how all can turn around and change my life ´almost´ completely … but that´s life right?

    Learning and just knowing the things, it´s not enough and will never be enough. That is why with every learning experience WE change, we move in different directions, we shift from unknown to known … but while being in the known does not always mean we do know the known. We have to start over … again and again … learn new things, adapt and move one; learn new things, adapt and move one; learn new things … … it never stops!

    learn new things, adapt and move one

    and meantime remember to enjoy it!


    Life is all about sharing … a life lesson from traveling to Bali, Indonesia

    What would life be, if we only live to enjoy it all alone?

    People nowadays pretend to believe that if they secure their own place in this world, everything will be fine. They then get what they want but they start realizing how less they actually have and how alone and sad their life is…and this is because they do not care about sharing.

    Life is not always fair because there are enough people suffering in this world, but if you are a kind of person who happen to be enough lucky to enjoy life fully, do not ever forget to share it.. Maybe also with people that are less lucky then you are.

    I sometimes feel so grateful for the life I have, for the life I build for myself, for the simple fact that I was lucky enough to be born and grow up in a place where the access to a lot of opportunities and choices is not limited. I never felt as grateful as I do now. Having the great chance to live in different parts of this world really opened my vision, my perspective in life and I start seeing things differently. 

    I was born in Romania; I lived there for about 20 years until I decide it is time for me to see and experience something different. While living in Romania, it always felt like my life is limited, that life is unfair and that the way people live their life is by just accepting living it the way the whole community does. I never felt free enough to be myself and do things the way I thought is worth doing it. And that is because I never find it possible or even acceptable. I used to live in a small community where people care a lot about what others think on everyone else. You do have the choice to be different but you never choose to be different because you are afraid of criticism, of people thinking you are wrong; and I do not mean people thinking you are wrong by what you say or do but by the way you are. I used to care a lot! …

    Now, sometimes I am worried that I don´t care anymore that much!  

    But what changed? Why do people change? Why "I" changed?

    What really changed me was the fact that I now see the world as a whole and stop seeing it as a small box. My community, the place I was living in, was the small box. I never dared to think out of that box. But not necessary because I was banned by doing so, but because even people living there their whole life, never want to see outside the box or never dare, or even think that there is a whole new world outside that little box. When you do break through, when you start seeing the whole world as being your community, you realize you have access to more options, to choices, to experiences that can change you completely.

    I start watching people living outside my little box and I start learning, I start growing, I start not only improving but understanding myself. I do not criticize my life anymore, instead I understand it better. People, who feel trapped in a single place, are people who do not want to break through the little box. This step of taking a stand and start thinking outside of the box is sometimes scary and really challenging. But what would life be without challenges?

    “Yeah, that´s so great, you´re so lucky” is what people usually use to excuse their own life or choices…that being the unforgettable phrase that most of the people is using it. Not that this is bad, but it is bad when they continue with beliefs like: “but I can´t do it … I am not so lucky” … I so much don´t like it when people say that. Most would think that I am and have what I have just because I am lucky! That´s so wrong people! That is because I made choices that secured these outcomes. It’s always about choices.

    Why I choose then to change constantly, or what makes me change/grow all the time ... are new experiences, new life experiences! We all experience something new every day, if we would be able to learn something out of everything, we would constantly enrich our life with joy and happiness.

    Now I live for a while in Indonesia … in the great little paradise, in Bali. I came here with work but it feels sometimes more holiday than work. But I do not want to talk in this article about work … I want to talk about how a place like Bali can change you a lot. Maybe it is not only because of Bali, but because of all combined experiences I have had until this time.

    Every time I travel somewhere, I get that instinct of seeing the world differently. Of really experiencing changes that questions my way of defining and judging live. I always learned something new from my experiences and this one is one of the experiences placed on the top of all I have ever had. When I mean Bali, I mean People, Culture, Traditions, Life Style, People, Food, Religion and Beliefs, People … oh I did mention People … but at the end, all of these are created, respected and given forward by People! It´s all about that in my perspective!

    I suppose you heard about the “OCEAN” concept on Personality traits? About the Big Five factors and their constituent traits summarized as “OCEAN”? (Psychology stuff!) … Well, I´m approaching this concept because I believe that when it comes to Balinese People, they are the TOP achievers in mastering all these traits. The “OCEAN” concept derives from Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. I don’t want to go too deep into explaining psychology but in short I believe that Balinese people know very well how to combine and master well most of these traits.

    When it comes to their culture, they are very open and efficient, they show a lot of appreciation toward art, toward emotions and adventures, toward variety and the efficient part speaks to the way of showing self-discipline toward all the above. When it comes to their community, they are and act like a big family, they are energetic and full with positive emotions, and they are compassionate and very cooperative toward others, especially towards member in their own community but also foreigners. This culture is one of the single cultures I´ve been living in, where as a foreigner I feel very protected, respected and welcomed. And I lived in many different cultures, foreign countries in Europe. I never felt like this, not even in my own country!

    Here people are simple, most of them are poor but what I love about them is that they never feel poor. Because being poor here means something different then back in Europe. In Europe, being poor means not having enough financial resources based on which to make life enjoyable; in Indonesia, at least here in Bali, people don´t care that much about their financial situation but about life in general: they make sure they have good relationships with each other, with their community, with their Gods, they make sure they inspire and offer love to people around them, they believe that BEING HUMAN is being RICH, rather than being rich by having money. Once a very good local friend told me that she knows people here that own lots of properties and make lot of money but working as taxi drivers. And that is because they care about what they do as a profession and if that kind of work makes then happy, they choose it. Here people don´t spend money on THINGS as much as they spend on making sure they are healthy and happy, spending on making sure they enrich their life with love and joy.

    In Europe, we care so much about what other people think about us, we care so much on having as much money as possible, but we forget to care being humans, being careful with each others, we forget SHARING, and so it is how we lose our soul. We spend our whole life fighting and reaching to be rich and famous … but what for?

    Actually, I believe that no matter how rich or famous we may become, we will always fight for more and more and more. There is never going to be a limit because there is no limit we set for ourselves or because there is no limit people expect us to reach. We and people around us will always expect more…always!

    So, for me, what can be greater than this lesson I learned from people of Bali, from Indonesians? Maybe more lessons to come, for sure … but this is a lesson I want to adopt for myself! This can be a lesson of sharing, maybe inspiring others as well J
    Feel inspired, Learn to Share and Love ... and so you secure a place in people’s heart.


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