Project Getaway - Living and Working in Paradise

Dig exotic locations? Love to network and meet successful entrepreneurs? 
Project Getaway is the ultimate 4HWW event for successful lifestyle entrepreneurs, and offers incredible (and functional) location-independent freedom to you.

About Project Getaway
Over a period of several weeks, adventurous entrepreneurs live and work together in inspiring locations around the world. Project Getaway is not just an event, but a complete experience. It’s geared towards successful and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to take the leap towards a deeply satisfying lifestyle, where great success, adventure and a balanced lifestyle goes hand-in-hand.

The Team
The success of Project Getaway is the result of many people's hard work, effort and contributions as well sponsorships to help make this type of event the most fantastic lifestyle experiment available to you. If you are interested in joining our core team, drop us an email.

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