World's FAMOUS places I would like to visit :)

ESCURIAL - One of the longest palaces in Spain.

EMPIRE STATE BUILDING (U.S.A) - World's one of the loftiest structures. It has 103 storeys and a height of 1200 feet.

ELYSEE PALACE - Official residence of the President of France. It was the venue of Paris Peace parleys on Vietnam.

ELLORA - Famous for rock-pruned Kailash Temple (Aurangabad) in Maharashtra. An exquisite piece of Dravidian art. Ellora cave temples, 34 in number, present a blend of caves representing Buddhism and Jainism constructed in 8th century A.D.

ELBA - An isolated island in the Mediterranean Sea, where Napoleon was exiled in 1841.

EIFFEL TOWER - 985 feet high tower in Paris build by Gustav Effel in 1887-89 at a cost of 2,00,000

DODOMA - This is going to be the new capital of Tanzania in place of Dar-es-Salam.

BIG BEN - Name given to the big clock of the British Parliament building.

ALICE SPRINGS (Australia) - Spring with medicinal properties.

ADAM'S BRIDGE - Sand and rock bridge between Sri Lanka and India. Legent has is that was constructed by Lord Rama when he was in invade Lanka of Ravana.

ABU SIMBEL (U.S.A.) A monument executed by UNSCO in Egypt, the famous temple at Nybia (Egypt) was facing submergence as result of the construction of Aswan Dam. UNSCO has reconstructed it at a cost of 36 million dollars and was inaugurated on 12th Sept. 1968.

AUROVILLE UNESCO sponsored world's first international town near Pondichery in Tamil Nadu named after Aurobindo Ghose. The town with an area of 15sq. miles and a population of 50,000 will be a self-supporting township having gour zones, viz., cultural, industrial, residential and international. It was inaugurated on February 28,1963.

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