Yoga for the New Beginner

Benefits of Yoga in Everyday Life

* Yoga can help cure insomnia, as regular yoga practice leads to better and deeper sleep.
* Yoga can help fight fatigue and maintain your energy throughout the day.
* Yoga is an effective treatment for a variety of autoimmune diseases because it can reduce the symptoms these diseases often cause, such as stiffness, malaise, fatigue, and weakness.

Benefits of Yoga

Increasing Flexibility – yoga has positions that act upon the various joints of the body including those joints that are never really on the ‘radar screen’ let alone exercised.

Increasing lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons – likewise, the well-researched yoga positions exercise the different tendons and ligaments of the body.

Surprisingly it has been found that the body which may have been quite rigid starts experiencing a remarkable flexibility in even those parts which have not been consciously work upon. Why? It is here that the remarkable research behind yoga positions proves its mettle. Seemingly unrelated “non strenuous” yoga positions act upon certain parts of the body in an interrelated manner. When done together, they work in harmony to create a situation where flexibility is attained relatively easily.

Massaging of ALL Organs of the Body – Yoga is perhaps the only form of activity which massages all the internal glands and organs of the body in a thorough manner, including those – such as the prostate - that hardly get externally stimulated during our entire lifetime. Yoga acts in a wholesome manner on the various body parts. This stimulation and massage of the organs in turn benefits us by keeping away disease and providing a forewarning at the first possible instance of a likely onset of disease or disorder.

Complete Detoxification – By gently stretching muscles and joints as well as massaging the various organs, yoga ensures the optimum blood supply to various parts of the body. This helps in the flushing out of toxins from every nook and cranny as well as providing nourishment up to the last point. This leads to benefits such as delayed ageing, energy and a remarkable zest for life.

Excellent toning of the muscles – Muscles that have become flaccid, weak or slothy are stimulated repeatedly to shed excess flab and flaccidity.

Physiological Benefits of Yoga

* Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium
* Pulse rate decreases
* Respiratory rate decreases
* Blood Pressure decreases (of special significance for hyporeactors)
* Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) increases
* EEG - alpha waves increase (theta, delta, and beta waves also increase during various stages of meditation)
* EMG activity decreases
* Cardiovascular efficiency increases
* Respiratory efficiency increases
* Gastrointestinal function normalizes
* Endocrine function normalizes
* Excretory functions improve
* Musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion increase
* Breath-holding time increases
* Joint range of motion increase
* Grip strength increases
* Eye-hand coordination improves
* Dexterity skills improve
* Reaction time improves
* Posture improves
* Strength and resiliency increase
* Endurance increases
* Energy level increases
* Weight normalizes
* Sleep improves
* Immunity increases
* Pain decreases
* Steadiness improves
* Depth perception improves
* Balance improves
* Integrated functioning of body parts improves

Psychological Benefits of Yoga

* Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase
* Mood improves and subjective well-being increases
* Self-acceptance and self-actualization increase
* Social adjustment increases
* Anxiety and Depression decrease
* Hostility decreases
* Concentration improves
* Memory improves
* Attention improves
* Learning efficiency improves
* Mood improves
* Self-actualization increase
* Social skills increases
* Well-being increases
* Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase
* Self-acceptance increase
* Attention improves
* Concentration improves
* Memory improves
* Learning efficiency improves
* Symbol coding improves
* Depth perception improves
* Flicker fusion frequency improves

Biochemical Benefits of Yoga

* Glucose decreases
* Sodium decreases
* Total cholesterol decreases
* Triglycerides decrease
* HDL cholesterol increases
* LDL cholesterol decreases
* VLDL cholesterol decreases
* Cholinesterase increases
* Catecholamines decrease
* ATPase increases
* Hematocrit increases
* Hemoglobin increases
* Lymphocyte count increases
* Total white blood cell count decreases
* Thyroxin increases
* Vitamin C increases
* Total serum protein increases

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Yup....Yoga is a total health medicine......

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