15th of October 2008

After a relaxing walk in the Presidential Park ... my favorite place in Bratislava :)

You can never make somebody fully happy with what YOU are. YOU need to be satisfied and happy with yourself, your career, your path in life. Some can appreciate your successes, some can see it as not enough and some can pay no attention to it. Those you don't make happy can influence you to believe you are not good enough, you are nobody, you deserve no respect. This is not truth. Believe in yourself and be proud with your realizations. That was hard work you've done and if it makes YOU happy, this is what is matter.

Appreciate yourself...nobody else will do this.

Appreciate your work as nobody will know how to do it because nobody knows how much effort you put into that work in order to achieve it.

If you are happy with yourself and give this impression into the world/to the others around you ->you fill fulfilled...and that's good :)

Don't let others make you look small.

Don't let others make you fill you are nobody or not worthy.

Well...trust me...YOU are all this and much more! You deserve all this what you have and what you ask for!

Find the pleasure within yourself because that is what should be important.

If you make happy one person with some results, you can make unhappy others...as conclusion -> you can never satisfy everybody.

Are YOU happy? Are YOU satisfied? Good :) Go further, trust yourself and enjoy your life as it is.


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