Believe and Succeed

A beautiful and inspiring story I received today from Bob Procter and that I want to share with you all, the readers of my blog. Enjoy it!

Believe and Succeed

You will agree, I am sure, that all thinking people have a sincere desire to succeed.
You want to win; I want to win. No one sets out to deliberately destroy themselves - although I must admit, at times it certainly appears as if some people do.

If everyone wants to win - why don't they? There are probably many answers to that question. After talking with hundreds of people who do not seem to be able to make it happen, I have come to the conclusion that the answer to success is locked up in a seven letter word - "Believe."
Losers do not believe they can win. Why don't they believe? I think there is an answer to that question and I'll get to it in a moment. If you are having difficulty making something big happen in your life, read closely.

All the great religious leaders, philosophers and self-help gurus have told us to believe and succeed. "All things are possible for those who believe."

William James said, "Believe and your belief will create the fact."

I have found that our belief system is based on our evaluation of something. Frequently when we re-evaluate a situation our belief about that situation will change.

Half of my life was wasted. I never even tried to accomplish anything of any importance because I did not believe in myself. The truth was I knew very little about me. Many years ago I was encouraged to begin studying myself, re-evaluate myself. I began to gain an understanding of my marvelous mind. Everyday I learned a little more and I suddenly began to believe in myself.

Re-evaluate yourself. There is a sleeping giant in you. Release it.

Believe in yourself.

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