My AIESEC experience in FINLAND and SLOVAKIA

Hello everybody,

this days I was asked if I could post some new articles related to my experience in Finland this time for those who may get inspired go abroad and decide if this may be a good decision. I am glad to find out that people realy read my posts and get inspired from it.

I found myself now in an internship through AIESEC in Finland. I was so often asked if it is really worthy to take this decisions instead of getting a normal job home where you may feel little bit secure (this was one of the advice I received specially because of this "financial crisis") But I decided to do it other way because I believed I can do it and I believed I will gain much more from this experience than staying home. And specialy because I will not allow this crisis stay as a barrier in front of my decisions I make for my life :)

Why abroad?

I only have one life and if I don´t enjoy it now than WHEN? When I will be married and few children to take care of? NO...for sure if that time will come than I should be much more responsible about some other stuff.

Abroad because I want to see the world, I want to enjoy life together with other people from whome I may learn something new, something challenging. Being abroad I gain much more confidence speaking with people, learning new languages, learning new cultures and traditions, sharing my own traditions and mentalities.

Working abroad helped me developed myself not only professionally but also personally. I´ve met sooo many people, I´ve seend sooo many places I never thoought I will have the opportunity to see. I grew and I can really say it was living this life fully!!


Well until I´ve met AIESEC I didn´t had the COURAGE to BELIEVE that I CAN DO IT!!!
I am a courageous person and I would not say that if AIESEC would not have exist I would never have succeed. No! That´s not true. But AIESEC gave me the opportunity first to discover myself. And not only to discover MYSELF but through the projects I have worked with, people I have met, experiences I had, I realized that I can do much more that I have the courage to admit I can do. Through AIESEC I had the opportunity to work abroad in my field of study and to have the chance to discover which are my strength, which are my talents that I can develop further. Working abroad gave me a larger perspective about how much professionalism in other country is, how does people relate to their job and it is true that people are different than we are?

Well being abroad I found out that what you hear in Romania from others is not always true. Sometimes is not true at all. My first internship with AIESEC was in Slovakia. I worked there in a Recruitment Agency for exactly one year. The experience in Bratislava, Slovakia was totaly different from what I was expecting and I will tell you why.

Before leaving Romania everybody around me tried to make me understand that this may not be the most smart decision I can make for my life. Just because I knew nothing about Slovakia, I can not speak slovak language, because I know nobody there and because the work may not be as promissed. turned up to be exactly the oposite :))

In AIESEC Slovakia I had a Buddy, my lovely dear Katka which I believe she is the best Buddy ever. Thanks Katka!!! When I came to Bratislava she was waiting for me with other friends, received presents and made sure that I have a flat where I could live. Well, the whole LC Comenius did this actually...I think! I was glad I was not in the need to worry about anything. I had a place where to stay, Katka was there for me to show me the city, she was there when I had to go to the police for registration and anytime when I need it her. I still remember the day I got sick and she was spending the whole day with me :)) .. thanks Katka :)

I spend my Christmas with her family in Humenne where I had a super great experience. I had the opportunity to live in a slovak family, learn about their culture, get to know about their traditions and customs. It was great and Slovaks in general are very nice and warm :) .. and Katka does has a great family :)

At work was also very good. I have learned a lot of things. Communication was in English with my colleagues but through the job I have done I could improve also my German and sometimes Spanish language. My colleagues which were very kind tought me slovak so I can still be pround I can say Ahoj and Dobry den :))

A lot of time I also spend meeting other interns that were there also in an internship, and with which I shared new impressions and learned more about their own culture. I joined AIESEC parties and events that always riched my whole experience.

I never felt alone because there was always someone there with who I could talk. There were friend there, that were in the same situation as me so they could understand me. From AIESEC I received the support a person needs when decide to travel abroad for such a long time.

After the experience with Slovakia I decided to go home for a while to see my family and finninsh some work. I used the time to be with my family and to enjoy Christmas and New Year also with my boyfriend. Exactly few weeks ago I´ve decided I still do want to see some other places and wanted to try again an internship.

At this instant I find myself in Helsinki, Finland in my second internship I have with AIESEC. I´m this time in a Development Program which runs for three month here. It is a super experience!

I live together with other 10 interns that are from all around the globe (India, Elvetia, Uzbekistan, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Latvia, Colombia, USA, ME from Romania and we are still waiting for an intern from Africa). Believe me it is amazing to have this kind of experience where you can learn about so many cultures, to live with all this people, share ideas, work together, go out together and learn about each other´s country.

Right now I found myself at the university, I´ve just finnished the Trainings for today and I prepare myself to go home. I will finnish for today but I promiss I will be back with some other news about Finland.

Here is cold but beautiful! Helsinki is a beautiful, clean and big city. I may post some day some othe pictures of us :)

If you may have questions do not hesitate to let comments, I will answer all your questions :)

All best,

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Sue said...

Hi there Ella. I'm Sue from Malaysia. I was surfing to know more about AIESEC, and I found your post. Everything that u said from self discovery and take on the opportunity is very inspiring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. But, may I know how u get to join AIESEC?