thoughts ...

Is it shining? … Or maybe… you never know ;) ... thoughts!!!

Smile, this is your day…believe it or not feel free to ask yourself.

Do you have dreams? Do you have hopes? Do you have neighbors? If yes…let them speak…speak only for yourself. Follow your dreams and start today, plan, dream, act. This is your time, use it! Just some thoughts for the beginning :) don´t forget to smile :)

but this is the beginning of your day, the first conversation with yourself ... wait until you wake up :(

You believe you can do it…there are enough people who will prove you cannot.

You believe in yourself … I believe there are enough who does not believe.

You think everything is possible…don’t worry, the one who will stop you are not missing any chance.

You think you are strong…I believe it too. What about the other voices?

Why is it always important to let other stupid opinion influence our own decision? Is it, because we always seek a confirmation for our perfection?

I ask myself a question and doubt … what would other say? I want to find an answer … is not enough what I think. We always depend on others opinion even we believe it or not.

You smile … they question if something happen. You don´t have a reason … they worry.

You cry … they question if something happen. You do have a reason … they don’t listen.

You share, they criticize; you give, they only take; you forgive, they blame you; you forget, they will always remember you.

I learned what freedom is, I start teaching myself again. You have dreams, they have standards; you believe, they misbelieve; you like simplicity, they always show you it missed something … there is never enough.

I want to cry, but I need to smile. I want to scream, but I need to keep quite.

There is no sphere for freedom in this small part of the world. They will never consider giving it to you.

If you want to be YOU -> don’t share, don’t talk, don´t consider, don´t listen.

I´m here since a while and start having regrets, I can’t keep them quite without screaming … they will win.

Shut up and don´t follow. Stop and stay still. They will never understand but maybe there is the chance, they will give up … and you will be free.

"Life is a puzzle but an uncompleted one, a puzzle which pieces are stolen by those who cannot find their pieces." GT (me)

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流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

Me car accident, Michael past away .
晴天霹雳-我车祸,Michael 走了